Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Milka Vanilla Cream

Place purchased: Gene's Sausage Shop, Chicago

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 4.5

The Milka Vanilla Cream bar consists of a chocolaty coating (the chocolate contains hazelnut paste, so it is not technically chocolate) with a layered filling. The bottom layer is white with black specks, while the top layer is bright yellow and runny. The combination of the solid white layer and liquid yellow layer reminds me of an egg with a broken yolk, which is definitely not something I associate with vanilla.  

D: Really turned off by the yellow color. 
E: Yellow filling is strange and reminiscent of raw egg yolk. 
J: The highlighter yellow goo in the middle is not appetizing at all. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.3

Luckily, the Milka bar tastes much better than it looks. The bar is very sweet and has a strong vanilla flavor that completely overpowers the flavor of the chocolate. It tastes very similar to vanilla frosting or vanilla cake. 

D: Good vanilla flavor. 
E: Tastes like vanilla cake batter. Not very chocolaty.  
J: I really like the smell, flavor, and taste. It is reminiscent of cookie dough/cake batter. 

Texture - 6.5

Like all Milka bars, the chocolate is very soft, to the point where it is almost pliable, since hazelnut paste is incorporated into the chocolate. The white filling has the same texture as the exterior, while the yellow filling is very fluid and coats the mouth.  

D: Too soft in general. Chocolate gets a bit grainy at the end. 
E: Creamy, kind of falls apart. 
J: A little too mushy for my liking. 

Aftertaste - 7.0

The aftertaste is sweet. The chocolate flavor does not appear in the aftertaste, either. 

E: Vanilla and sweet. 
J: Tastes more like cake. 

Overall - 6.9

I enjoyed the sweet vanilla flavor of the Milka Vanilla Cream bar. Though, the appearance could be greatly improved by removing the yellow slime layer and increasing the amount of the white speckled filling. 

E: If you can get over the weird appearance, it is kind of tasty. 

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