Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hammond's Whoopie Pie

Place purchased: Free sample from the Sweets & Snacks Expo

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 7.3

The Whoopie Pie bar has a small amount of white "sweet sugar frosting" filling that oozes out of its dark chocolate shell when the piece is snapped in two. 

J: Runny filling was unexpected. 

Flavor and Taste - 6.7

The flavors starts out as dark chocolate, then the filling takes over with a sweet marshmallow flavor. However, this is only true for the bites containing filling. About half of each piece is solid dark chocolate. 

C: Nice dark chocolate flavor, but the more I eat it becomes a little off, like too sweet. Creamy when get to center. 
J: Filling hides bitterness of dark chocolate, but once that fades it is bitter. 

Texture - 6.7

The dark chocolate has a good bite to it. Though, the filling is very gooey, which makes eating a piece in multiple bites a bit messy. 

C: The filling is very runny, chocolate a little hard. 

Aftertaste - 5.3

The filling is completely lost in the aftertaste, leaving just the flavor of bitter dark chocolate. 

C: Dark chocolate, bitter. 
J: Bitter chocolate. 

Overall - 6.3 

Overall, the Whoopie Pie bar filling was sweet and had a marshmallow flavor, reminiscent of the filling in an actual whoopie pie. Yet, the filling was too fluid and scarce in comparison to the bold dark chocolate. 

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