Monday, July 14, 2014

Lindt Ice Tiramisu

Place purchased: Lindt Chocolate Shop 

Price: $5

Number of reviewers: 5

Appearance - 7.4

The Lindt Tiramisu bar has a dual layer filling comprised of a chocolate coffee layer above a white mascarpone layer. The bar is encased in milk chocolate. 

E: Looks like a pillow of chocolate. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.7

While chewing, the chocolate bar initially has very little flavor, just sweetness. Then a strong mocha and mascarpone/creamy flavor hit. The combination of mocha and mascarpone tastes incredibly similar to tiramisu.  

C: Coffee, creamy but weird off-note. 
E: Flavor builds slowly, but ultimately achieves the rich coffee flavor of tiramisu.  
S: Tastes like a tiramisu cake! Very complex flavor. Delicious! 

Texture - 7.7

The fillings are very thick, almost fudge-like. The chocolate layer contains small pieces which add a nice crunchiness to counter the rich filling. 

C: Creamy, but not too much.
E: Filling is a little too dense, has a nice crunch though. 
S: Creamy, with little crunchy pieces. 

Aftertaste - 6.8

The aftertaste initially tastes like mocha. Then the coffee flavor fades to result in a sweet and creamy milk chocolate flavor. 

C: Creamy but that fruity aftertaste still stays in my mouth. 
E: Aftertaste is a little bitter- probably due to coffee flavor. 
L2: Intense coffee flavor/benzaldehyde. 
S: Cake and cream.

Overall - 7.5

The prominent mocha and mascarpone flavors make the Lindt Ice Tiramisu bar stand out from other tiramisu chocolate bars. Finally, a tiramisu bar that actually tastes like tiramisu. 

Despite the remarkable flavor of the Lindt Tiramisu bar, the bar contained a concerning ingredient: apricot kernels. Apricot and peach kernels contain a high amount of a compound called amygdalin, which is converted in the body to benzaldehyde (an almond/cherry flavor compound found in amaretto) and hydrogen cyanide (a very toxic compound). I am assuming Lindt used benzaldehyde converted from amygdalin extracted out of the apricot kernels, but the fact that the apricot kernels are still listed as being present in the chocolate is disconcerting. 

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