Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lindt Hello My Name Is Salted Caramel

Place purchased: Target 

Price: $0.99

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 8.0

The 39 g Lindt Hello My Name Is Salted Caramel bar is segmented into six piece. The milk chocolate pieces are filled with a very liquid caramel. Target also sells a larger 100 g Lindt Salted Caramel bar

Flavor and Taste - 7.8

The strong butterscotch-like flavor of the caramel predominates over the flavor of the milk chocolate. Though, the sweetness of the chocolate comes through and offers a nice balance to the saltiness of the caramel filling. 

C: Yummy creamy milk chocolate, nice caramel flavor that has a little bit of sour to it, which is nice contrast to the chocolate. 
S: So rich, creamy and milky caramel, didn't really get salt though. 

Texture - 6.7

The caramel filling is incredibly runny. The textural contrast between the filling and the milk chocolate is pleasant while eating the bar, however it does not work well during storage. Over the course of a day, the caramel in the uneaten half of the bar had completely leaked out of the chocolate. I was left with chocolate shells in puddles of caramel. 

C: Soft and creamy. The caramel is very soft. 
S: Creamy caramel. 

Aftertaste - 7.5

The aftertaste is the lingering flavor of caramel and milk chocolate, along with the saltiness of the caramel. 

C: Caramel and creamy mouthfeel. 

Overall - 7.7

Overall, I enjoyed the intensity of the salted caramel flavor and contrasting textures of the Lindt Hello My Name Is Salted Caramel bar. I think this bar is a great addition to the Lindt Hello My Name Is line. Though, I would recommend either eating the chocolate bar in one sitting or positioning the remainder of the bar in a way that the caramel cannot leak out. 

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