Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hammond's Crackle Crunch

Place purchased: Kitchens 

Price: $3

Number of reviewers: 5

Appearance - 7.0

The Hammond's Crackle Crunch bar consists of "milk chocolate with raspberry popping candy." The 64 g bar is segmented into six pieces, each with dark pink popping candy scattered throughout. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.4

The popping candies have a strong raspberry flavor which pairs well with the milk chocolate. I should also point out that I love raspberry flavored chocolate, so this is a definite winner for me. 

C: Very milk chocolaty and the raspberry comes through as very artificial. 
J: Raspberry flavor is very subtle but good. Chocolate is good.
L: Good milk chocolate. Raspberry is subtle, almost refreshing. 
S: Actual flavor isn't anything exceptional, but this is a cool concept. 

Texture - 8.1

The chocolate bar is crunchy from the popping candies. The popping effect does not happen until most of the chocolate has been ingested and the popping candies are left.

C: Mostly just crunchy. Takes a little bit to get the pop rocks, but it's pretty cool when they start popping. 
J: The popping is very subtle. Nothing like a pop rock. The popping is also delayed. 
L: Who doesn't like crunchies? Be careful, though, they can hurt. 
S: Tingly in my mouth - so cool! I like the crunchy texture, too.

Aftertaste - 7.6

The aftertaste has a more subtle raspberry flavor than when initially eating the bar. 

C: Some pop rocks linger and the chocolate leaves a heavy mouth coating. 
J: Chocolate with popping continuing as the flavor fades. 
S: Sweet. 

Overall - 7.8

Overall, I think the Hammond's Crackle Crunch bar is fantastic. The raspberry flavor works perfectly with the milk chocolate. Also, the popping candies add a delightful textural experience not found in many chocolate bars. 

J: Great flavor and idea, and while popping is subtle, it's probably best it is that way. 

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