Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lindt Hello My Name Is Dark Chocolate Cookie

Place purchased: Target 

Price: $0.99

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 7.8

The Lindt Dark Chocolate Cookie bar is segmented into six pieces. The bar consists of a dark chocolate shell with a thick dark chocolate filling studded with chocolate cookie pieces. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.7

The chocolate coating and filling both taste like chocolate halfway between milk and dark. The cookie pieces taste like slightly darker chocolate and add some bitterness. Though, the overall flavor of the bar is very one-note. 

C: Nice creamy dark chocolate that is the right amount of bitter and sweet. 
S: Good chocolate, slightly chalky and bitter. 

Texture - 7.8

The filling is incredibly rich, like chocolate ganache. The dense texture is juxtaposed by the abundant crunchy cookie bits in the filling. 

C: Very creamy, but velvety and smooth, and the cookies pieces add nice contrast. 
S: I like the crunchy pieces in it. 

Aftertaste - 7.3

The aftertaste is a combination of lingering sweetness and bitterness from the chocolate. 

C: Creamy chocolate. 
S: Slightly bitter. 

Overall - 7.7

The Lindt Hello My Name Is Dark Chocolate Cookie bar has a good chocolate flavor between milk and dark chocolate and an enjoyable textural contrast between the rich filling and cookie pieces. Essentially, this chocolate bar is a dark chocoalte Lindt Lindor bar with bits of chocolate cookie. Quite delicious. 

C: Super yummy! 

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