Monday, July 28, 2014

Meiji Assam Chai

Place purchased:

Price: $2.99

Number of reviewers: 4 

Appearance - 6.0

The box of Assam Chai chocolate contains six individually wrapped, long and thin sticks. The sticks look like milk chocolate with the exception of tiny black specks of spices throughout the chocolate.  

Flavor and Taste - 6.5

The chocolate starts out with a sweet and milky flavor. Then the chai flavor becomes prominent. Oddly enough, the flavor of the chocolate is not detectable. 

C: Starts off sweet and then the spices build, get milky texture at front and a little bit of milk chocolate.
E: Decidedly chai flavored - spices way overpower the chocolate. 
S: Milky, cinnamon/clove, taste like a dilute chai tea. Didn't really taste the chocolate. 

Texture - 7.0

The texture is soft and incredibly smooth. 

C: Creamy.
E: Pretty creamy.
S: Creamy.

Aftertaste - 6.0

The sweetness of the chocolate and flavor of the spices linger. 

C: The milky/creamy taste (which is kind of unpleasant) stays and the spices linger too. 
E: Spicy and a little dairy -pleasant but not fresh. 
S: Chai tea.

Overall - 6.5

The Meiji Assam Chai chocolate tastes very much like sweet chai tea with milk. Though, this is intended to be chai flavored chocolate, and it tastes nothing of chocolate. Despite the lack of chocolate flavor, I think this would be excellent as an autumn or winter product. 

C: I don't really like chai, but this was okay. 
E: Interesting as a novelty and pretty tasty, but I wouldn't eat it all the time. 

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