Monday, July 7, 2014

Ghirardelli Mint Cookie

Place purchased: Target 

Price: $1.77 (on clearance)

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.8

The 98 g bar is sectioned into eight large pieces. Each piece has a center that looks like a chocolate cookie encased in milk chocolate. 

J: Reminiscent of a Thin Mint box.

Flavor and Taste - 8.3

The milk chocolate coating has a sweet, milky chocolate flavor, while the center tastes like a dark chocolate cookie. The amount of mint flavor in the bar is perfect; it is neither overbearing nor dominated by the flavor of the chocolate. 

C: A mix between Andes mint and Thin Mint cookie. The mint is nice and not too overpowering. 
E: Better than I expected! Reminiscent of a Thin Mint, but encased in more chocolate. Yum.  
J: Great chocolate! 

Texture - 8.0

The milk chocolate and filling are very smooth and soft when initially bitten into. When chewing, the center has a crispy and crunchy texture similar to a Thin Mint cookie. 

C: Nice and creamy outside with just the right amount of cookie crunch on the inside.
E: Outer chocolate is very creamy and minty. Center has a subtle crunch.
J: Smooth. Crunchy, Thin Mint inside. 

Aftertaste - 8.0

The aftertaste is first balanced between mint and sweet chocolate, then turns to a light, refreshing mint.

C: Chocolaty, minty cool.
E: Minty and fatty.
J: Chocolate and mint aftertaste.

Overall - 8.1

The Ghirardelli Mint Cookie bar is essentially eight Thin Mint cookies covered with milk chocolate in a chocolate bar shape, and is therefore phenomenal. I highly recommend purchasing this chocolate bar. 

E: A winner! Tasty, rich, and yet fresh. 

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