Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hammond's Pigs N' Taters



Place purchased: Cost Plus World Market

Number of reviewers: 5

Appearance - 7

The wrapper looks great. Red bacon pieces are visible after biting into the chocolate. Wait... bacon is not bright red... 

J: Classy looking wrapping; high end.
L: Not very original. Kind of boring. Pink fake bacon bits look unappealing. 
S: Love the name! The bacon in it looks kind of gross. The packaging isn't particularly creative. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.2

The chocolate bar smells smoky and meaty- exactly like a dog treat. After looking at the ingredient list, I discovered the cause of the dog treat odor. Artificial bacon bits. No real bacon in this bar. Luckily, the bar does not taste as bad as it smells. The flavor starts out smoky from the fake bacon and then ends very salty. I could not bring myself to try more than one piece of the bar, because it smelled so off-putting. 

C: More bacon flavor, but get saltiness from potato chip. 
J: Aroma of pet treats. Chocolate is good. Bac-Os and chocolate, such a fake flavor!
L: So gross. Salty dog treat with some smokiness. 
S: Very salty, but I kind of like it. Not too much of a bacon flavor. 

Texture - 6

The bar is made of smooth chocolate with small, crunchy pieces of potato chips and artificial bacon bits. 

C: Reminds me of Bacon Bits - both taste and texture. 
J: Weird crunch.
S: I like how it crunches in my mouth. 

Aftertaste - 4.9

It has a salty and slightly smoky aftertaste. 

J: Smoky aftertaste.
S: Good aftertaste. Saltiness that goes away quickly. 

Overall - 5

I have had great chocolate bars containing potato chips and bacon, and I have had good chocolate bars from Hammond's. I was very excited about a chocolate bar containing both potato chips AND bacon. Sadly, this Pigs N' Taters bar contains absolutely no bacon. For $2.99, I would expect real bacon pieces, not artificial bits that smell like Beggin' Strips. I still have about half the bar sitting in my desk. Nobody will eat it. 

J: I would not buy this. 
S: Fun idea, but a little too salty and doesn't taste like bacon at all. 

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