Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gingerbread Peeps



Place purchased: Walgreen's 

Number of reviewers: 5 


Appearance - 8 

The gingerbread house 
with gingerbread men Peeps inside is adorable!

C: Cute!
J: Really fun shape. Good color.
S: Cute packaging.

Flavor and Taste - 7.4

These smell amazing, just like cinnamon rolls. They taste like cinnamon sugar, with a little spiciness from the cinnamon. The gingerbread Peeps are more like cinnamon roll Peeps, and I am completely fine with that. 

C: Cinnabuns, doesn't really remind me of gingerbread, gets a little bit spicier at the end but mostly cinnamon. 
J: Gingerbread taste is very short lived. 
L: More cinnamon than gingerbread, but it does taste good.
S: Yummy! Not too overpowering. 

Texture - 7

These have the same texture as normal Peeps. Soft marshmallow and crunchy sugar. Unless you accidentally leave one out, then it is crunchy marshmallow and crunchy sugar.

Aftertaste - 6.2 

The Peeps have a sweet, caramel aftertaste. 

J: Only sweet.
L: Too sweet. 
S: Not much of an aftertaste. 

Overall - 7.4 

I am not a huge fan of normal Peeps, but I love these. Gingerbread (well, cinnamon) Peeps are delicious! 

C: I like them better than regular Peeps. 

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