Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Desserts Skittles

Place purchased: Walgreen's

Number of reviewers: 5

Appearance - 6.7

I am confused by the pink wrapper. I guess they ran out of other colors to use. 

Flavor and Taste - 6.7

Raspberry Sorbet
Tastes like cherry and raspberry. Medicinal. 

C: Berry flavor becomes more raspberry as it's chewed. 
J: Cherry, but not like a typical Skittle. Not anything special. 
S: Good. Tart, candied raspberry. 

Strawberry Milkshake
Tastes mostly like strawberry with a slight cream flavor. 

C: Strawberry/cream. Not very intense. 
J: Strawberry. 
L: Definitely not a milkshake. 
S: Really artificial, like flavored powder (like Fun Dip). 

Orange Crème
Tastes like a Creamsicle, of which I have never been a fan.

C: Orange/Creamsicle. 
J: Orange cream. Best flavor. 
L: Orange and creamy! 
S: Cream doesn't mix well with the orange flavor. 

Key Lime Pie
Tastes grassy at first, then like citrus/lemon. It does not taste like key lime pie. 

C: Not too strong flavor. Sweet. A little green/acidic. 
J: Limey. 
L: Not even remotely close to key lime pie (and I'm from FL). 
S: Doesn't taste like key lime pie at all. Just normal lime but more sweet. Disappointing. 

Blueberry Tart
Tastes like berry. Medicinal. 

C: Stronger than Key Lime Pie. Fruity, but not distinctive. 
J: Very low flavor. 
L: Blueberry with a weird second note. 
S: Delicious! Strong blueberry flavor. 

Texture - 7.0

These are chewy, like all Skittles. 

C: Chewy. A little gritty as I chewed it. 

Aftertaste - 6.6

The aftertaste for each of the flavors was a weaker version of the initial flavor. 

C: Not much, just a little taste of sugar. 
J: Lingering taste for all flavors. 

Overall - 6.6

These Skittles were good, yet the choices of dessert flavors could have been improved upon. Wrigley already makes Extra Dessert Delights gum, which has much more authentic dessert flavors than these Skittles. The Desserts Skittles would have been astronomically better if the flavors of the Dessert Delights gum had been used instead. Just think, an apple pie Skittle. 

J: Great, but nothing special. Flavors are not too impressive or different. Very fruity, not "dessert" enough. 

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