Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starburst Fruity Slushies

Place purchased: A small candy store in Michigan (but I have also found these in large bags at Walmart)

Number of reviewers: 3

Starburst Fruity Slushies come in four flavors:

Blue - Blue Raspberry Rush
Red - Cherry Splash
Orange - Citrus Slush
Pink - Strawberry Lemonade Chill

Appearance - 6.5

Flavor and Taste - 6.5

Blue Raspberry Rush
     This has a very artificial flavor, like a blue raspberry popsicle. 
     C: Tart, lime like
     L: Unexpected. I can't really describe it. It's something with a hint of blue raspberry.
Cherry Splash
     This tastes exactly like the original cherry Starburst. It's a somewhat medicinal cherry flavor.
     C: Very cherry. 
     L: Very similar to normal cherry. I don't sense the "splash". 
Citrus Slush
     This tastes like a combination of orange and lemon. I liked it better than both the orange and lemon original      Starbursts. 
     C: Tangerine.
     L: Could put more citrus and less sweet. Citrus dies pretty quick. 
Strawberry Lemonade Chill
     This tastes like the original strawberry Starburst, but with an off-flavor. The flavor is slightly medicinal. This flavor      was my least favorite of the four. 
     C: Lemon very pronounced. Off-flavor. Like strawberry kiwi.
     L: Tastes fun, like summer. Slightly floral, off putting. 

Texture - 7.5
These have the same chewy, stick-to-your-teeth texture as all other Starburst candies. 

Aftertaste - 5.9
Blue Raspberry Rush
     There is a sweet aftertaste with a slight berry flavor. 
     L: Mild.
Cherry Splash
     This has a very medicinal aftertaste.
     L: Bad tart, burning.
Citrus Slush
     The aftertaste is sour.
     L: Slightly plastic and sour.
Strawberry Lemonade Chill
     The aftertaste was slightly sour and sweet. 
     L: Intense floral/lemon. 

Overall - 6.2
The Starburst Fruity Slushies were rather disappointing. The Cherry Splash flavor tasted identical to original cherry Starbursts. Blue Raspberry Rush was an ordinary blue raspberry flavor. The off-flavor made the Strawberry Lemonade Chill very unappealing. Luckily, there was one flavor, Citrus Slush, that tasted good and was not a flavor already part of the Starburst lineup. 

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  1. When the Starburst Spring Mix is released there can be a perfect Starburst rainbow!
    Red: Cherry
    Orange: Orange
    Yellow: Lemon
    Green: Whatever the green flavor in Spring Mix is
    Blue: Blue Raspberry Rush
    Indigo: Blueberry
    Purple: Blackberry