Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Theo Holiday Bars

I tend to avoid buying organic chocolate, because I would rather not pay more for chocolate with an irrelevant claim. All Theo chocolate bars are certified organic, however studies show that organic food is not more nutritious or less dangerous than its non-organic equivalent. Also, two of these bars are GMO-free, yet GMOs are not harmful to one's health. I decided to buy these anyway since the flavors were interesting... and I had a gift card... 

Theo Coconut Mint 

Place purchased: Plum Market, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.9

The wrapper is cute. The milk chocolate is filled with small flakes of coconut. 

J: Nice images and color of wrapper. Good color and inclusions give nice variation. 
S: Cute packaging. 

Flavor and Taste - 8.0

The chocolate is very sweet and had a light, but noticeable, mint flavor. The mint tasted more like creme de menthe than peppermint. I could not taste the coconut. 

C: Can smell mint from beginning. Subtle mint flavor with coconut. I really like the combination, wouldn't have thought of mint with coconut. 
J: Great chocolate! Coconut is flavorful and mint is subtle but present. 
S: Good, balanced, mint is not too strong. 

Texture - 6.9

The chocolate is incredibly soft. The coconut is somewhat crunchy and gives the bar an intriguing chew.  

C: Very soft, almost too soft for candy. A little chewy with the coconut. 
J: Coconut is a nice contrast, but the pieces hang around in mouth because they are large. 
S: Interesting with the coconut pieces. Creamy. 

Aftertaste - 7.9

The aftertaste is sweet and slightly minty. 

J: Nice mint flavor. 

Overall - 7.7 

The flavor of this coconut mint milk chocolate bar is great; the mint flavor is not too strong or too weak. While the coconut does not contribute much to the flavor, it provides an interesting texture. The only flaw with the bar is that the chocolate is too soft. 

J: Great candy! I would buy.

Theo Gingerbread Spice

Place purchased: Plum Market, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.9

The wrapper is very cute. The bar is solid milk chocolate with added spices to create the gingerbread flavor. 

J: Nice packaging. Creamy and uniform appearance.
S: Cute packaging.  

Flavor and Taste - 7.9

The gingerbread flavor of the chocolate bar is spot-on. I could detect the cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg. The spices work well with the milk chocolate. The flavor of this gingerbread chocolate bar is just fantastic. 

C: Classic gingerbread taste. Nutty/spicy, but not too overwhelming. For someone who doesn't like gingerbread, it's not too bad. 
J: Nice mellow, but present spice. Almost pumpkin pie like. Reminds me of gingerbread coffee creamer. 
S: Good, very characteristic and not overpowering. 

Texture - 7.8

The texture is soft and creamy. 

C: Creamy. 
J: Creamy and smooth. 
S: Creamy.

Aftertaste - 5.8

Sadly, the spices linger longer than the milk chocolate, leaving a strong and unpleasant spice flavor. 

C: Spicy, allspice/nutmeg are predominant. 
J: Strong spice taste lingers. 
S: Strong clove aftertaste.

Overall - 7.7

Not only is this bar my favorite from the holiday line of Theo chocolate bars, it is probably my favorite holiday candy I ate this season. Also, the gingerbread flavor is substantially closer to real gingerbread than any other gingerbread flavored candy I have tried.

C: The wrapper and texture are excellent, but not liking gingerbread flavor brings the overall score down. 

Theo Nutcracker Brittle

Place purchased: Horrocks, Lansing, MI

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 8.2

Like the other bars, the wrapper is very festive. Though, as can be seen in the pictures, the wrapper did become very dirty before I bought it. The chocolate is very shiny and has pieces of almonds, hazelnuts, and brittle (which, in this bar, is more like small chunks of hard sugar candy). 

C: Nuts look evenly distributed. 
J: Nice images, color, decoration. Nice color and inclusions.

Flavor and Taste - 5.3

This chocolate bar is very bitter. There is some sweetness when biting into the brittle pieces. I could not taste the almonds or hazelnuts over the intense bitterness of the chocolate. 

C: I would expect this to be sweet, but it was overwhelmingly bitter. Says 70% dark chocolate, but tastes more like 85%. Can't taste anything but bitter. 
J: Strong dark chocolate flavor. Doesn't taste like much else. 

Texture - 7.2

The nuts and brittle pieces provide a nice crunch. 

C: Good crunch with the nuts. 
J: Inclusions give nice variation.

Aftertaste - 5.0

The aftertaste is just really bitter. 

C: Bitter. 
J: Bitterness.

Overall - 5.8

Overall, this chocolate bar was incredibly bitter with some crunchy nuts and sugar brittle pieces. The wrapper claims that it is only 70% dark chocolate, but this tastes much more bitter than any 70% dark chocolate I have eaten. 

J: Note: I don't like dark chocolate much at all. 

Theo Peppermint Stick

Place purchased: Horrocks, Lansing, MI

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 8.2

The wrapper is very festive and promises of dark chocolate with candy cane pieces. The chocolate is shiny and has pieces of hard sugar candy scattered throughout the bar. 

C: The package is so cute! 
J: Nice rich, dark color. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.8

The chocolate is bitter and has fruity notes to it. While the bar does contain peppermint oil, the mint flavor is not detectable at all. Maybe if the hard sugar brittle pieces were peppermint flavored instead of the dark chocolate, the mint would have been noticeable. 

C: Very bitter, can tell that it's dark chocolate. Does not have a very pronounced mint flavor. Falsely advertised as peppermint stick. Expect sweet and peppermint, and it has neither. 

J: I hardly taste anything over the bitterness of the chocolate. Not any peppermint. 

Texture - 7.0

The brittle pieces contribute a crunchiness to the dark chocolate. 

C: Crunchy, seems to have sugar pieces not candy cane/peppermint pieces in the middle. 
J: Great expected crunch from the peppermint stick. 

Aftertaste - 5.7

The chocolate has a bitter aftertaste. 

C: Dark chocolate aftertaste. 
J: Lingering bitter.

Overall - 6.1

The Peppermint Stick chocolate bar was very disappointing. There was no peppermint stick. No peppermint flavor. Just a bitter dark chocolate bar with hard sugar pieces. 

J: Crunch is nice, too strong in dark chocolate. 

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