Friday, September 26, 2014

Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate

Dove Whole Cranberries and Dove Whole Blueberries are new releases from Mars that compete with Hershey's Brookside line. Unlike the Brookside brand, these Dove products use whole berries rather than fruit juice centers. Dove Whole Cherries will be released in January 2015. 

Place purchased: Meijer 

Price: $3.50

Number of reviewers: 6

Appearance - 6.8

The pieces are larger than I had expected; most piece contain two whole dried cranberries. A thick dark chocolate coating with a shiny glaze surrounds the dried cranberries.

E: Attractive packaging and chocolate pieces are glossy and dark. 
E2: Very shiny, glossy. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.6

The first flavor noticeable is that of the dark chocolate. While chewing, the sweet, tart, and fruity flavor of the cranberries emerge. The cranberries take more time to chew than the chocolate, resulting in a dominant cranberry flavor toward the end.

E: Intense dark chocolate bitterness pairs well with the punchy sweet/sour fruit center. 
E2: I like the fruit and chocolate balance, but the cranberry isn't as tart as I would like. 
J: Good mix of cranberry and chocolate.
N: Very fruity, comes in waves. 

Texture - 6.8

The dark chocolate melts in your mouth while the cranberries are being chewed, which provides for an enjoyable textural experience. 

E: Chewy center and melty chocolate. 
E2: Good balance of chew, creaminess of chocolate, cranberry is a little gummy.
J: Smooth, and cranberry adds nice texture. 
N: Sticks in the teeth a bit too much. 

Aftertaste - 6.8

The aftertaste is mostly sweet cranberries from the pieces stuck to my molars. 

E: Lightly sweet and fruity. 
E2: Sweet, chocolaty. 
N: Fruity!

Overall - 7.5

Overall, I think the Dove Whole Cranberries are an excellent product. The flavor and texture of the dried cranberries and dark chocolate pair well together. These take the deliciousness of Craisins and elevate them with the addition of dark chocolate. Yum. 

E: Really tasty and just what you'd expect. Would purchase. 
E2: I would like the cranberry to be a bit tarter, but overall satisfied. 
J: I like the balance between the bitterness of the chocolate and sweetness of the cranberries. 

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