Monday, September 15, 2014

Brach's S'mores Caramels

Place purchased: CVS 

Price: $3.00

Number of reviewers: 7

Appearance - 6.7

The Brach's S'mores Caramels are small cubes consisting of three different flavors. The first layer is orangish tan and graham cracker flavored. The center is a white, marshmallow flavored stripe. The top layer is a medium brown colored and chocolate flavored. 

E: S'mores colors in a caramel shape. 
E2: Stripey, color of graham cracker layer is a little too orange. 
J: I like the color, but the shape is a bit deformed. 
N: Not the correct order. 
S: Looks like a s'more! 

Flavor and Taste - 4.6

The S'mores caramels smell exactly like graham crackers, though the first flavor I noticed when chewing was plastic. Luckily, the graham cracker flavor comes in with force and dominates the plastic flavor. The marshmallow and chocolate flavors come in toward the end. The caramels are also incredibly sweet. 

C: Reminds me of s'mores cereal. Doesn't have a huge chocolate taste. Predominantly fake marshmallow and graham cracker. 
E: Smells a lot like a s'more! The taste is more bland - sweet and vanilla. 
E2: Not getting much chocolate. More graham/orange. All flavors are kind of muted. 
J: No caramel or chocolate. Mostly graham cracker and marshmallow. Very sweet. 
N: Good, but not much s'more going on. 
S: Tastes like a s'more! Marshmallow and graham cracker with a hint of chocolate. 

Texture - 5.7

The texture is soft, light, and chewy. I would expect a caramel to stick to my teeth, but these did not do that at all. I'm not sure if these technically qualify as caramels. 

C: The texture is pretty good. Not quite as chewy and sticky as I would expect. Doesn't stick to teeth at all. 
E: Chewy, very chewy. 
E2: Grainy, dissolves in mouth. Not as chewy/toothpacking/sticky as I would expect in a caramel. 
J: Not caramel. The texture is just soft and chewy.
N: Kind of plasticy, but not bad. 
S: Soft, creamy caramel. 

Aftertaste - 6.1

The aftertaste has a dominant graham cracker flavor, with faint marshmallow and plastic notes. 

C: Graham cracker and sugar. 
E: Subtler flavors re-emerge. I can pick up on graham cracker and chocolate notes. 
E2: Orange, vanilla. 
J: Graham and marshmallow. 
N: A lot of s'more flavor! 
S: Sweet, marshmallow. 

Overall - 5.8

Overall, the Brach's S'mores Caramels are just alright. The initial plasticy flavor was off-putting, but the flavor greatly improves while chewing. Also, the texture was too soft and airy to be likened to a caramel. 

E: It has promise, but the vanilla flavor dominates the chocolate and graham cracker. 
E2: Meh, not a fan. Why ruin two awesome desserts by combining them into one? 

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