Friday, October 3, 2014

Dove Whole Blueberries in Dark Chocolate

Dove Whole Blueberries and Dove Whole Cranberries are new releases from Mars that compete with Hershey's Brookside line. Unlike the Brookside brand, these Dove products use whole berries rather than fruit juice centers. Dove Whole Cherries will be released in January 2015. 

Place purchased: Meijer 

Price: $3.50

Number of reviewers: 6

Appearance - 6.8

The Dove Whole Blueberries in Dark Chocolate are just that: dried blueberries coated in Dove dark chocolate. Most of the pieces only contain one dried blueberry, but there are a few that contain two. Dried blueberries are tiny and even with a generous coating of chocolate, the pieces are still quite small. 

E: Much smaller than cranberry counterpart. 
J: So small! 

Flavor and Taste - 5.7

The flavor is solely sweet dark chocolate until the chocolate melts and only the dried blueberry remains. The dried blueberries are sweet and tart with a flavor somewhere between a blueberry and a raisin. 

E: Nice chocolate coating and fruit center, but it takes awhile to develop. 
E2: Weird acrid, bitter, burned taste. Chocolate is not dark enough. 
J: Blueberry flavor is nonexistent - just adds texture. Slightly bitter. 
N: Not much blueberry flavor. 

Texture - 5.2

The dark chocolate is smooth and melty, while the dried blueberries are very sticky and seedy. I am trying to remove the blueberries from my molars as a type this. Aha! I just got the last bit unstuck after five minutes... 

E: Blueberry is kind of grainy or seedy? Otherwise chewy. 
E2: Blueberries are grainy, very seedy, stick to teeth. 
J: I don't like the random flakes of blueberry floating in my mouth. 
N: A little too sticky. 

Aftertaste - 5.3

The blueberry flavor lingered until I removed all of the blueberries from my teeth. 

E: Blueberry. 
E2: Acrid, kind of sour. 
J: Chocolate. 
N: Almost none. 

Overall - 5.8

Overall, the Dove Whole Blueberries are a good snack. However, I prefer the cranberry version, which has more berry flavor and is less sticky. 

E: Flavor is good but texture is off. 

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