Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Russell Stover Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Cream Pumpkin

Place purchased: Walgreen's 

Price: $0.50

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 4.8

The pumpkin consists of a dark chocolate shell with a vibrant light pink, cranberry filling. There are a few pieces of cranberry skin mixed into the filling, though they can be hard to detect. 

E: Very PINK filling. 
E2: The middle is SO PINK. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.8

The filling is very sweet with some tartness. Despite Russell Stover's use of cranberries and cranberry juice concentrate, the filling tastes more like sour raspberry than cranberry. The flavor of the dark chocolate comes through towards the end after the cranberry filling dissipates.  

E: Dark chocolate is pretty good, but I'm distracted by the 'cranberry' filling, which is way too sweet. 
E2: I like the combo of the sweetness of the chocolate and tartness of the cranberry. Tastes like a sour fruit, but not necessarily cranberry. 

Texture - 5.0

The bite of the chocolate provides a nice textural contrast to the soft and airy filling. The chocolate shatters when biting/cutting into the pumpkin, which causes the sticky, gooey filing to escape. I bought two cranberry cream pumpkins. The chocolate shell of the unphotographed pumpkin cracked and the filling oozed out all over the inside of the wrapper.  

E2: Spongy, foamy center with chocolate layer that is the right amount of hardness/firmness. 

Aftertaste - 6.5

The aftertaste is mainly dark chocolate, with a bit of lingering sweetness from the filling. 

E: I get a little more cranberry flavor after the sugar rush subsides. 
E2: Chocolate - yum! 

Overall - 5.5

The lack of cohesion when the chocolate shell was broken was my main issue with the Cranberry Cream pumpkin. Also, while the cranberry filling was tart and included actual cranberry, it tasted more like generic sour berry. The dark chocolate tasted great, though. 

E: The chocolate is good and the idea is strong, but the cranberry filling is too sweet and gooey. 
E2: Just too sweet! 

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