Friday, September 5, 2014

Russell Stover Apple Pie Pumpkin

Place purchased: Walgreen's 

Price: $0.50

Number of reviewers: 2

Appearance - 7.5

The Russell Stover Apple Pie flavored pumpkin has a cute, though vague, pumpkin shape. The thick, golden brown apple pie flavored filling is coated in a layer of milk chocolate. 

E: Seasonal! 

Flavor and Taste - 3.5

The Russell Stover Apple Pie pumpkin smells strongly of apple and cinnamon. However, the cinnamon completely overtakes any other flavor in the pumpkin. I could not taste the apple or chocolate, just cinnamon and some sweetness. Also, the cinnamon intensifies during and after chewing. 

E: "CINNAMON!!!" It screams at you as you bite down. It continues until you swallow and beyond...

Texture - 4.5

The filling is very grainy. Unlike the Russell Stover cake eggs which were slightly grainy due to the inclusion of cake mix, there is no reason why the  Russell Stover Apple Pie pumpkin should be grainy. Russell Stover R&D scientists could have easily created a filling containing the apple spice mix and apple flavor without it being repulsively grainy.  

E: Grainy.

Aftertaste - 2.0

The aftertaste is just cinnamon. So much cinnamon that it made me cough and caused a burning sensation in the back of my throat. 

E: Straight up cinnamon. Like you ate a warm cinnamon Yankee Candle. 

Overall - 3.0

This was probably the closest I will get to taking the cinnamon challenge. There was too much cinnamon for the Russell Stover Apple Pie pumpkin to be enjoyable. 

E: Cinnamon flavor is hilariously heavy-handed. 

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