Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs are the newest Harry Potter candy made by Jelly Belly. Unlike the Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs were not a candy in the wizarding world. Ron, however, did vomit slugs during this scene in Chamber of Secrets. 

Place purchased: Lolli & Pops 

Price: $3.25

Number of reviewers: 3

Appearance - 4.7

The Jelly Slugs differ from the image on the wrapper; the slugs are straight rather than curvy. They remind me more of crocodiles or Battleship pieces than slugs. The slugs come in five different colors/flavors, as listed on the 'menu' above. Red is sour cherry, orange is tangerine, bright green is pear, green is watermelon, and yellow is banana. Unfortunately, my bag of slugs did not contain any of the banana slugs, the only flavor that is also a real type of slug. Additionally, several of the jelly slugs had snapped into pieces, which seems odd for a candy described as "jelly." 

B: These do not look like slugs.
E: Not particularly slug-like. 

Flavor and Taste - 3.0

Red - Sour Cherry 
This is one of the most medicinal cherry flavored candies I have ever eaten. I only made about six or seven noises of disgust while eating this flavor. 

B: Medicine. 
E: Like cough medicine. 

Orange - Tangerine
The orange flavor is very one-note. The flavor is exactly like those orange slice candies that are coated in sugar. 

B: Acceptable. 
E: Tastes like a tangerine peel. Pretty sour. 

Bright Green - Pear
This is the same flavor that Jelly Belly uses for their Juicy Pear Jelly Bellys. 

B: Too sweet. 
E: Very pear-y! Like Jelly Belly pear. 

Green - Watermelon
These do not taste like watermelon or even a typical artificial watermelon flavor. They taste fruity, but not like a specific type of fruit. 

B: Not watermelony. 
E: Weak flavor. Vaguely reminiscent of artificial watermelon.

Yellow - Banana 
Sadly, these were not in the bag. If the flavor is the same as Jelly Belly's Top Banana, these would be my favorite. 

Texture - 3.3

The Jelly Slugs have a soft bite and are somewhat grainy. 

B: Hard and chalky. I want soft and chewy.
E: Pretty grainy for a gummy. More like a chew. 

Aftertaste - 3.7

The aftertastes for all of the Jelly Slugs are sweet with a lingering flavor. 

B: Loses all flavor, but sweet. Not distinct for any fruit. 
E: Kinda... fruity? A little medicinal for some. 

Overall - 3.0

Overall, the flavors which ranged from unexciting to revolting. There are Bertie Bott's Beans that I enjoy more than these Jelly Slugs. I expect better from Jelly Belly. 

B: Would not eat.
E: Texture is off and flavors aren't great. 

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