Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups

In case you are unfamiliar with the glorious food that is speculoos cookie butter spread, I will give a brief overview of the product. Speculoos cookies are spiced cookies that have a flavor similar to gingerbread. Ground speculoos cookies are the primary ingredient in speculoos spread. Speculoos is mainly sold under the brand Biscoff in the United States, though Trader Joe's also has its own line including a speculoos chocolate bar and now speculoos cookie butter cups. 

Place purchased: Trader Joe's 

Price: $3.99

Number of reviewers: 7

Appearance - 7.3

The Speculoos Cookie Butter cups have a thick dark chocolate shell with a creamy speculoos filling. The cookie butter cups are the size of mini Reese's peanut butter cups. 

B: Like a Reese's. 
E: Looks like a Reese's cup. 
E2: Shiny, glossy, some small surface scratches. Love the color of the dark chocolate. 

Flavor and Taste - 8.1

The bold flavor of the dark chocolate dominates at first. The sweet, creamy, and warm spice notes of the speculoos filling emerge while chewing. The rich flavors of the dark chocolate and speculoos pair well together, though the chocolate is a bit overpowering. 

B: Good dark chocolate, a little bitter, followed by pleasant cookie dough flavor. 
E: Yum! Rich dark chocolate shell, sweet and bitter, with spicy/sweet speculoos filling - like a chocolate covered gingerbread cookie. 
E2: Sweet, cinnamon, hint of pumpkin spice, gingerbready. Dark chocolate kind of overpowers speculoos flavor. 
N: Dark chocolate gingerbread. 
S: Tastes like pumpkin pie at first, then get cookie and dark chocolate. 

Texture - 7.4

The dark chocolate shell provides a strong initial bite and becomes smooth as it melts. 

B: Expecting slight grittiness of Reese's, much more pleasant. 
E: Filling is creamy but a tad grainy. Chocolate shell has a firm bite and smooth melt. 
E2: Interior is slightly gritty/grainy. Exterior is creamy, slightly hard. 
N: Very creamy. 
S: Like peanut butter and chocolate. 

Aftertaste - 7.4

The aftertaste is primarily dark chocolate, yet there is absolutely no bitterness. A bit of the spiced cookie flavor lingers, as well. 

B: Long glow of chocolate on the tongue, like a good whiskey. 
E: Fatty and gingerbready. 
E2: Sweet, cream, dark chocolate, bitter.
N: Mostly dark chocolate. 
S: Dark chocolate, but not as bitter. 

Overall - 7.9

Overall, the Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups are fantastic. They combine the indulgent richness and warm spice flavor of speculoos spread with good dark chocolate. I need to keep the container out of eyesight or risk eating the remaining cups in one sitting. There is already a rather large pile of foil wrappers forming on my desk... Furthermore, I would like to nominate speculoos as the next pumpkin spice. The world is ready.

B: Delicious. 
E: Really tasty! Like a Reese's cup but better! 
E2: I want a better balance between chocolate and speculoos, but still overall satisfied. 

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