Friday, October 17, 2014

Candy Apple M&M's

Place purchased: Walmart (Exclusive) 

Price: $2.88

Number of reviewers: 6

Appearance - 6.7

The Candy Apple M&M's have candy apple flavored milk chocolate centers with either bright red or dark red candy shells. 

E: BIG! Large size discrepancy. Nice color. 
E2: Very large for an M&M! But I like the fall colors. 
J: Nice deep red colors. Seem larger than normal. 
S: Large M&M's. 

Flavor and Taste - 6.4

The only apple flavor detectable is at the very beginning, during the first chew. The milk chocolate quickly overpowers any apple flavor in the M&M's. Furthermore, when eating the Candy Apple M&M's consecutively, the chocolate aftertaste from the previous M&M interferes with the apple flavor of the next M&M. So, the only time I was able to taste the apple was from the first Candy Apple M&M I ate. 

C: Chocolate is very apparent. Get a little bit of apple at the beginning, but not very strong. 
E: Definitely has an apple taste, but comes off stale with the sour chocolate. 
E2: Very little apple flavor, only a teeny hint of sour apple at the beginning. Otherwise, it just tastes like an M&M.
J: Good fresh red apple flavor. Chocolate flavor is also strong. 
S: Light apple flavor. 

Texture - 6.8

The M&M's have a crunchy candy shell and smooth milk chocolate, like regular M&M's. 

C: Good texture, same as regular M&M's. 
E: Crisp shell, chocolate melts nicely. 
E2: Like a normal M&M. Crispy, crunchy, slightly melt in the mouth. 

Aftertaste - 6.1

The aftertaste is very sweet with a lingering milk chocolate flavor. 

C: Chocolate, get a little of the apple. 
E: Weird sour apple, fatty. 
E2: M&M. 
J: I wish it was more apple. 

Overall - 6.3

Overall, the Candy Apple M&M's were lacking in apple flavor. If more apple flavor had been used or white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, the product would have done better at living up to its name. 

E: Worse than plain M&M's. 
E2: Disappointing. 
J: They could sell this all year and call it Apple M&M's. But they are good! 

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