Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Russell Stover Brownie Egg

Place purchased: Walgreens

Price: $0.59 

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 6.5

The Russell Stover Brownie Egg has a milk chocolate shell with a dense chocolate brownie filling. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.3

The filling is very rich and fudgy. The milk chocolate shell is sweet and chocolaty. The filling and chocolate shell together taste like milk chocolate coated brownie batter.  

C: Very eggy. Tastes like uncooked brownie batter. 
J: Great chocolate flavor and inside tastes like real brownie batter.
S: Tastes just like brownie batter. 

Texture - 6.5

The brownie filling is thick and very rich. There are tiny sugar granules within the filling, which makes it slightly crunchy, like actual brownie batter. The harder texture of the milk chocolate coating provides a good contrast to the filling. 

C: Almost slimy, gooey. 
S: Grainy like brownie batter.

Aftertaste - 7.3

The aftertaste is mainly the flavor of milk chocolate. 

C: Chocolate cake batter.
J: Brownie batter. 
S: Chocolate, eggy. 

Overall - 7.1

Overall, I enjoyed the Russell Stover Brownie Egg. Though, I think the name should be changed to 'Brownie Batter', as the filling has the exact flavor and texture of brownie batter, not baked brownies. 

J: I love things that taste like uncooked batter, so I'm sold on this one. 

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