Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Cookie Bash Egg

The Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Cookie Bash egg is described as a "Chocolate Covered Cake Batter Cream Egg with Cookie Dough, Fudge, and Whipped Topping." The Cold Stone Creamery eggs are made by Frankford Candy. There also are Cold Stone Chocolate bars, made by The Cacao Group, which are still not available in stores (they were supposed to be released in Cold Stone Creamery locations in summer 2013, but that never happened). While I have not tried the Cold Stone Chocolates, I have tried four Crev Truffle bars which are also made by The Cacao Group and look exactly like the Cold Stone Chocolate bars. The Crev Truffle bars are phenomenal, and I would expect the Cold Stone Chocolate bars to be similar. Unfortunately, I could not say the same about this Cold Stone Creamery chocolate egg. 

Place purchased: Walmart

Price: $5.00

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.8

The egg has a milk chocolate shell with a dark chocolate drizzle. The shell separates from the filling and breaks into large pieces when the egg is cut. The filling is the light brown in color and has a few specks of chocolate scattered throughout the filling. The egg is also quite large, at a weight of 170 g. 

J: The egg is huge! It's also protected well, so I'm sure you wouldn't get a broken product, which is important. 

Flavor and Taste - 6.9

The filling is very rich and tastes exactly like the cookie dough pieces in chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. The chocolate shell is very sweet and does not have much flavor. It is disappointing that the egg tastes mainly of cookie dough, when this is supposed to be cake batter flavored. 

C: Tastes more like cookie dough than cake batter, but I get a little bit of vanilla that reminds me of yellow cake.
J: The chocolate on top is very sugary and fake tasting. The inside tastes like cookie dough, but is also very sweet. 
L: It's okay. Overly sweet. They over compensate on the fake cake batter, need to tone it down.

Texture - 5.5

The filling is soft, slightly gritty, and coats the inside of your mouth. 

C: Has a raw cookie dough texture. Grainy, soft, chewy.
J: I really don't like the inside texture. It is gummy and adheres to all your teeth and mouth. 

Aftertaste - 5.5

The aftertaste is sweet and has a strong vanilla flavor. 

C: Raw cookie dough taste.
J: Slight egg/batter but mostly highly sweet/sugar.
L: Plasticy vanilla.

Overall - 6.6

Overall, the Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Cookie Bash egg was underwhelming. The chocolate had no flavor, and the filling had a bad texture and was not cake batter flavored. While the serving size is listed as 1/4 of the egg, the product is so rich that I could only eat a small amount at one time. I think the egg should have been smaller and would have been much better if the The Cacao Group had manufactured them rather than Frankford Candy. 

J: I thought I would like this more, but the high sweetness sugar taste of the chocolate and weird texture of the inside brings it down. 

The Cold Stone Creamery eggs come in two other varieties: Cookies & Creamery and Strawberry Banana Rendezvous


  1. Cool find! I have to wonder what they're thinking when they come up with these concepts though. It's an egg! With uncooked dough in it!

  2. I agree! Though, still not as weird as the strawberry banana Cold Stone egg. That one doesn't sound too promising.

    Thanks for commenting, Cybele!