Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Russell Stover Birthday Cake Egg

Place purchased: Walgreens

Price: $0.59 

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 8.0

The birthday cake eggs have a yellow cake filling coated with milk chocolate and topped with sprinkles. It would have been better if the sprinkles had not been crushed. 

J: I love the sprinkles. They are a nice, colorful touch. The interior looks like raw cake batter. 
L: Sprinkles make everything better. Try not to smash them, though. 
S: I like the sprinkles! I wish these weren't smashed ones. 

Flavor and Taste - 4.8 

The egg initially tastes like sprinkles. After the sweet sprinkle taste subsided, I was able to taste the filling, which was more like custard than yellow cake. I was not able to taste the milk chocolate at all until the aftertaste. 

J: The interior has a definite cake flavor, which is great. But I am disappointed in their choice to use chocolate coating, because it hides the cake flavor. 
L: No chocolate. Eggy inside. Lack of flavor in general. 
S: Tastes eggy with old sprinkles. I don't taste the chocolate. 

Texture - 5.5

The filling is very soft, and the sprinkles are crunchy and grainy. 

J: Great contrast, with a hard outside and soft inside. 
L: The inside is gross. Slimey. 
S: Inside is too gooey. 

Aftertaste - 4.8

There is a metallic aftertaste from the milk chocolate. 

J: Mostly chocolate. 
S: Metallic aftertaste. 

Overall - 4.9

I am surprised that these birthday cake eggs were so bad, since the Russell Stover Wedding Cake Eggs were delicious. The milk chocolate used for the birthday cake eggs is unnoticeable except for the metallic aftertaste, and the filling does not taste like cake. 

J: The inside cake they did a great job with, but I want to taste the cake flavor and not chocolate. 

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