Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday M&M's

M&M's White Chocolate Peppermint

Number of reviewers: 7

Place purchased: Target

Appearance - 7.0

These M&M's are uneven in size and much larger than normal M&M's. When biting into one of the M&M's, I noticed there was a white chocolate core covered with more white chocolate. I discovered that only the white chocolate covering the core was peppermint flavored.


Flavor and Taste - 6.1

The M&M's have a very strong peppermint flavor and a milder dairy flavor from the white chocolate. I also noticed a rather unpleasant cheesy/acidic off-note. 

C: Has an off-flavor to it. 
J: Love white chocolate.
L: Slightly dairy sour.  
S: Stronger flavor than the holiday mint. 


Texture - 6.4

The texture of the M&M's is much softer than normal M&M's. 

C: Too creamy.
J: Crunchy.
S: Like after dinner mints. Chalky. 


Aftertaste - 7.3

The M&M's have a great peppermint aftertaste. Though, the mint flavor lingers long enough for these to double as a breath mint.

J: Cooling feeling after is good.


Overall - 6.1 

Overall,  these M&M's are good, but the texture and off-flavor deter me from eating more of them. 

B: Don't like white chocolate. Mint flavor is good. 
L: Mint is soo strong, but leaves your mouth minty fresh. Nothing to write home about. 
S: Nice, but texture ruins it for me. Not what I expected (surprised it was white chocolate).

M&M's Cherry Cordial




Number of reviewers: 7

Place purchased: Walmart


Appearance - 7.3 

I was surprised by how uneven the M&M's were in size. Like the white chocolate peppermint flavor, these M&M's also had flavored chocolate surrounding an unflavored chocolate core. 

J: Great red color, very festive.


Flavor and Taste - 5.7 

The cherry flavor was decent. In my opinion, it did not taste like cough syrup.

B: Too much straight benzaldehyde.
C: Tastes like cough syrup.
J: Cherry flavor is very fake. But the chocolate is still good. 
L: Tastes just like chocolate covered cherries.
L2: Too strong... 
S: Tastes a little like cough syrup.


Texture - 6.7

Nothing unexpected here. They have the same texture as milk chocolate M&M's.  

Aftertaste - 4.9 

I noticed a slightly bitter aftertaste to the M&M's.

J: Fades, becomes more medicinal. 
S: Cough syrup.


Overall - 5.6 

Overall, I really liked these M&M's. They were the first bag I finished out of the four reviewed. The bitter aftertaste was not enough to keep me from devouring them. 


M&M's Holiday Mint 




Number of reviewers: 7

Place purchased: Walmart


Appearance - 7.6

These M&M's are also larger than normal M&M's, even though they do not contain a flavored chocolate layer like the White Chocolate Peppermint and Cherry Cordial M&M's. 

J: Festive colors and the bag is nice!
S: I like the packaging... very festive! I liked that the candies were bigger than normal, too.


Flavor and Taste - 7.9

C: Has a good minty level, not too overpowering.
J: Nice cooling mint. Rich chocolate flavor.
S: I really like mint candy, so I would have wanted it to be stronger. Also, the flavor doesn't hit you right away.

Texture - 7.3

C: Texture is like that of regular M&M's.   
S: What I was expecting.


Aftertaste - 7.4

J: Nice mint. 
S: Good aftertaste - more flavor than when I was actually eating it.


Overall - 7.8


L: Perfect amount of mint, might like to see these in dark chocolate.  (Note: Mars does make dark chocolate mint M&M's.)
S: Good, but want it stronger.


M&M's Milk Chocolate Gingerbread 




Number of reviewers: 7

Place purchased: Walmart


Appearance - 7.1

These are also much larger than milk chocolate M&M's. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.5

These M&M's have a very strong clove aroma. The flavor of the M&M's starts out as milk chocolate and then quickly turns to a revolting mixture of chocolate, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I think this combination of spices would have worked better with a white chocolate base, like with the Carrot Cake M&M's released in spring 2013. 

S: I really liked the flavor of these. Taste like gingerbread without being overpowering. Really nice, balanced flavor.
B: Burnt character to gingerbread flavor.
J: Gingerbread flavor is kind of weird. Initially too clove/ginger/nutmeg-ish. 
L: Aftertaste is much more pleasant than the initial taste. The initial taste is a little jarring. 


Texture - 7.0

S: What I expect from M&M's.


Aftertaste - 5.3

These have a very strong bitter aftertaste. 

S: Not much of an aftertaste.
J: When the flavor fades, it's much better. 
L: Nice.


Overall - 5.6

Overall, I thought these were horrible. The different spices did not work well with the milk chocolate, and I still have that bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Excuse me while I down a bottle of water to rid my mouth of this aftertaste. 
S: Liked these ones a lot.

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