Monday, November 3, 2014

Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts (Kaffee + Nuss)

The Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts bar is a new addition to Ritter Sport's Winter Edition range, replacing the Caramel Orange flavor from last year. Returning for 2014 are Ritter Sport Coconut Macaroon and Caramelised Almonds. 

Place purchased: Free from the Sweets & Snacks Expo

Number of reviewers: 5

Appearance - 7.2

The Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts bar has a milk chocolate shell with a coffee flavored filling studded with hazelnut pieces. Also, the bars sold in stores obviously will not have a sticker over a generic white wrapper, as pictured. I received this bar in May, before the bar went into full production. 

C: Love the wrapper - especially the snowman! 
E: Ritter classic. 
S: Cute snowman made out of sugar cubes on package. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.9

Mild, milk chocolate is the first noticeable flavor in the Ritter Sport bar. Then the coffee flavor hits along with a stronger chocolate flavor. The flavor of the hazelnuts comes in toward the end and balances well with the coffee and chocolate flavors. 

C: The hazelnut really comes through and the coffee is a little light but comes through and works for this flavor. 
E: Flavor builds slowly. First coffee, then chocolate, then hazelnut. Could use more chocolate flavor (i.e. wish it were dark instead of milk). 
E2: Want more hazelnut! Roasted coffee note is unexpectedly delightful. 
S: Hazelnut, chocolate with slight espresso bean. 

Texture - 8.0

Both the chocolate shell and coffee filling are rich and smooth. The hazelnut pieces bring a textural contrast with their slight crunch. 

C: Creamy chocolate. 
E: Very rich and creamy with crunchy nuts. 
E2: Kind of ganache like, creamy. 
S: Creamy with nut pieces. Melts in your mouth! 

Aftertaste - 6.8

The aftertaste is mostly coffee flavor.

C: Coffee, creamy chocolate, and hazelnut. 
E: Fatty, sweet, nutty. 
E2: Small amount of sour dairy, mostly espresso/roasted coffee.

Overall - 7.8

Overall, the Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts bar is excellent. The combination of coffee, hazelnuts, and chocolate work very well together. I hope this bar becomes a mainstay in the Ritter Sport Winter Edition range. 

E: Really good, but could have been great with darker chocolate. 
E2: Has potential to be really awesome, just want more hazelnut. 
S: Delicious! 

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