Friday, November 21, 2014

Queen Anne Black Cherry Cola Cordials

Place purchased: Walgreen's 

Price: $2.19

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 6.5

The Black Cherry Cola Cordials have a domed milk chocolate shell with a dual layer liquid filling. The top layer is deep red in color and contains a whole, pitted cherry. The lower layer of filling is glossy white. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.8

When biting into the cordial, there is an initial wave of cherry cola flavor from the filling. The flavor becomes more cherry-dominate once the whole cherry is chewed. The chocolate flavor comes into play only after the filling dissipates. Both the filling and milk chocolate shell are incredibly sweet. 

D: Don't think I am sold on the premise. 
E: Whoa... Sweet, fizzy, fruity, cola-y. 
N: Just a hint of cola. 

Texture - 7.0

The filling is liquid, gooey, and slightly effervescent. The cherry is crisp and provides a pleasant textural contrast to the liquid center. Since the filling is so runny, the cordials are best eaten in one bite. 

D: Grainy texture. 
E: Like a cherry cordial, but fizzier. 
N: Exploded in my hand. 

Aftertaste - 7.0

The aftertaste is initially that of cherry cola and chocolate. The sweetness of the filling lingers long after the cherry cola and chocolate flavors recede. 

D: Very cola and super sweet. 
E: Fruity and sweet. 
N: Quite a lot of cherry.

Overall - 7.3

While the Queen Anne's Black Cherry Cola Cordials do not have a strong cola flavor, they are still quite delicious. I view these as a successful line extension of the Queen Anne's Cordial brand and recommend cherry cordial fans to try them. 

E: Interesting take on a cherry cordial. 
N: Very good! 

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  1. these cherry cola cordials is looking tasty and the way they packed I am thinking to give this to my brother as a gift