Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snickers Rockin' Nut Road

Place found: Circle K

Price: $1.29 

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.0

The Snickers Rockin' Nut Road bar has a layer of marshmallow flavored nougat topped with a layer of caramel and almonds, all encased in dark chocolate. 

L: The nut on the package looks like a football!

Flavor and Taste - 7.0

The combination of dark chocolate and marshmallow flavored nougat reminds me of Milky Way Midnight bars, which are comprised of dark chocolate and vanilla nougat. The almonds do not add much flavor. 

C: The marshmallow nougat is really good, and I like the flavor of the dark chocolate. The almonds are not too strong. 
L: Not a fan of the almond.

Texture - 7.5

The caramel is chewy, and the almonds provide some crunch. Though, tons of tiny almond pieces became stuck in my molars. 

C: Chewy, crunchy.
L: Lots of variety. 

Aftertaste - 6.3

There is a sweet caramel aftertaste. 

L: Stuff gets stuck in my teeth from the almond. 

Overall - 6.9

I really enjoyed this chocolate bar, mainly because it reminded me of a Milky Way Midnight. 

S: Original Snickers are way better. 

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