Monday, June 30, 2014

Coffee Thins

Coffee Thins are made to look and have the same texture as chocolate but are made with coffee beans rather than cacao beans. Their website claims that each Coffee Thins square is equivalent to a quarter cup of coffee. 

Place purchased: A health food store in Ann Arbor, MI 

Price: $1 for each

Number of reviewers: 2

Coffee Thins Americano

Appearance - 7.0 

The Coffee Thins Americano square looks as though it is made from milk chocolate. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.5 

The Coffee Thins Americano square has coffee and dairy flavor. The square is also very sweet.

C: Sweet and creamy coffee. Not very intense. Has some bitter/metallic off flavor. 

Texture - 4.0

The Coffee Thins square is initially crunchy when bitten into, and then becomes dry and crumbly as it is chewed further. 

C: Has a very weird mouthfeel. Dry at first then almost like vegetable shortening at end.

Aftertaste - 5.0 

The aftertaste is milky, sweet, and bitter. The bitterness lingers much longer than the sweetness.

C: Metallic aftertaste and complete mouth coating. Off note builds with time. 

Overall - 5.5

Coffee Thins Latte

Appearance - 3.5 

The Coffee Thins Latte square has a medium brown and light brown, almost white swirl. While knowing the white color is from the milk solids, it is difficult not to compare it to the appearance of chocolate bloom. 

Flavor and Taste - 5.5 

The Coffee Thins Latte square has a milky flavor and is very sweet. The coffee flavor is very subtle. 

C: Sweet, creamy, get a little coffee but more of a milky taste. 

Texture - 4.0

Again, the square crumbles when chewed. 

C: Very dry, crumbly. 

Aftertaste - 4.5

The aftertaste is less bitter and more milky than the Coffee Thins Americano square. 

C: Mouth coating, mouth drying, metallic. 

Overall - 5.0

Coffee Thins Espresso

Appearance - 7.0 

The Coffee Thins Espresso square is slightly darker than the Coffee Thins Americano square. 

Flavor and Taste - 6.5 

The Espresso square had more coffee flavor and less sweetness and milkiness than the Americano square. 

C: This one tastes more balanced than the other two. Not so milky and sweet.

Texture - 6.0

The square is crunchy like the others, but does not crumble apart when chewed.

C: Better mouthfeel, still a little dry, not as mouth coating. 

Aftertaste - 6.0 

The aftertaste is of sweet coffee. 

C: Coffee, chocolate, milky aftertaste. 

Overall - 6.0

Overall, the Coffee Thins Espresso square was my favorite out of the three. The Coffee Thins Americano and Latte squares both were too sweet and milky. Coffee Thins are claimed to have the same texture as chocolate, yet they are crunchy and dry. 

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