Friday, April 11, 2014

Hammond's Caramel Mocha

Place purchased: Cost Plus World Market

Price: $2.99 

Number of reviewers: 4

Appearance - 7.4

The Caramel Mocha bar consists of a thick milk chocolate shell with a soft caramel filling studded with tiny coffee bean pieces. 

Flavor and Taste - 7.5

The bar tastes mostly like coffee and chocolate. The caramel flavor comes into play at the end. 

C: Get a mild caramel flavor, had warm coffee undertones. 
L: Very coffee, good chocolate, like the caramel in the middle. 
S: Slightly bitter, but other than that I didn't really taste a coffee flavor. Caramel was good, though.

Texture - 6.6

The chocolate shell is somewhat crunchy. The caramel filling is gooey and runny with crunchy coffee bits. 

C: Very hard. Crunchy.
S: Creamy inside. Had a few pieces in it that might have been ground up coffee beans, but the texture felt more like pieces of coconut. 

Aftertaste - 7.4

The aftertaste is of caramel and chocolate. The coffee flavor dissipates before the aftertaste. 

Overall - 7.3

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Hammond's Caramel Mocha bar. There was a good amount of coffee used; not too much or too little. I also liked that the bar is both caramel and coffee, not just one or the other. 

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